Pregnancy Report {17 Weeks}

by Alison on August 22, 2014 · 3 comments

Whew! The weeks can sure fly by…

Having had 9 babies, it’s all too easy for me to just let a pregnancy roll along, not really thinking about it day by day.

But I am getting older, and this will probably be my last pregnancy, so I want to savor the moments. I want to stop and think about each step of the way.

I want to remember it all.

And so, I’m keeping a log.

Last Friday, I felt the first definite tiny little flutter kick. It’s an old familiar feeling, and yet, still so exciting in the newness. I always enjoy this part of pregnancy, when you don’t just feel pregnant, you really feel the baby! Everything seems to become much more real in a new and very tangible way. Sure, nausea was/is real, but I get nauseated any time I spin in a circle or ride in a back seat. 1st trimester fatigue was very real, but I have a sleep disorder, oh, and 9 children, so fatigue is a constant companion. But finally feeling a new baby moving around inside of your body? Nothing, but a moving baby causes that!

Feeling movement is so reassuring, you can feel the life living! I’m sure it’s reassuring to every pregnant woman, but as woman who has experienced multiple miscarriages, I look forward to those movements from a place of knowing what it’s like to get close to that far along, but not quite…

And, so, I’ve spent many moments this past week, laying down with my hands on my lower abdomen, waiting, expectantly waiting for another little thump, praying for this baby and his or her future. I’ve been savoring these moments, time stolen away from a busy day, determined to be present throughout this entire pregnancy, determined to #cherishthemoments.




The Announcement {14 Weeks}

by Alison on July 31, 2014 · 10 comments

I’ve been keeping a secret. I do that sometimes.

I have my reasons.

But since one of my children spilled the beans to one of my cousin’s children, and then my cousin spilled the beans to my mom, who spilled to one of my sisters…

“What? You didn’t even tell your mom?!” I know, I know…

“Or your sisters?!” I know, I know…

So, anyway, I suppose it’s time to just come out and share it with the world, right?


We’re expecting baby #10

I’m 14 weeks along, and feeling rather exhausted, with occasional bouts of nausea, but nothing too bad, so I’m feeling rather blessed. I’ve experienced hyperemesis gravidarum to the point of needing IV fluids on multiple occasions, so believe me, I do not take a healthy relatively easy pregnancy for granted.

Not announcing the last one until 20 weeks (I can hide a lot of baby apparently, tall frame and all, don’t hate me) made the pregnancy seem to fly by. Weeks and weeks less of comments and well-meaning “how are you feeling?”s helped things to seem to zoom right along. It was kind of awesome, especially considering the crazy hard things we were going through during that pregnancy.

I anticipate that this pregnancy will feel approximately 6 weeks longer than the last one. I may or may not be a tad bit grouchy by the end, especially considering my propensity for going a week or two past my “due date”…

Already having 9 children, I’ve probably heard it all when it comes to wisecrack remarks (let’s be honest, they usually don’t contain much wisdom) about the size of our family and the reasons and ways to prevent such a thing, so if you have opinions you feel the need to share which are anything other than loving, supportive, and encouraging, I’d like to remind you of the wise words Thumper learned from his parents, “If you can’t say something nice… don’t say nothing at all.”

Only 26 (or 28) weeks to go!



Clean Kitchen Challenge(Nope, not my kitchen. But I wish it was...)

Does a sink full of dirty dishes make you groan most every morning?

Are those pesky ants of summer finding plenty of crumbs to carry home on your kitchen floors and counters?

Do you remember the days of clean counters with feelings of nostalgia?

I don’t know about you, but when my kitchen is a mess, I can’t even think about starting the next meal. I get stressed out and irritated when I can’t find a place to set a bag of groceries, or when there are somewhere around 101 half-full glasses of water with no owners to be found dotting nearly every square inch of counter space. I may have been exaggerating, slightly, with that last one, but some days that is sure what it feels like. Know what I mean?

Lately, I’ve been slacking in my kitchen clean-up, and letting my big kids, who know better, slack in the kitchen clean-up helping, and between the 11 people that live in this house, well, you can imagine the state of my kitchen without an intentional effort to stay on top of things. (Maybe it’s better if you don’t.)

And so, I bring you my –

August Homemaking Challenge – A Clean Kitchen Every Night!

There is strength in numbers, so I’m going public, and asking anyone and everyone who will listen to join me.

New habits, at least the good ones, can be hard to make. Know what I mean?

And sometimes a little peer pressure can be a good thing, right?

So, I am challenging myself, and my main kitchen helper, to make sure that our kitchen is clean, every night, for the month of August. Ideally, I would love to form a long-term habit of forever and always waking to a fresh and clean kitchen, but for now, I’m concentrating on one entire month.

And I’m challenging you to join me!

The basic checklist-

  • Wash the dishes, all of them. Nothing left stacked in the sink!
  • Wash and wipe down inside and around the sink.
  • Wipe down that stovetop!
  • Clear the counters of anything that doesn’t need to be there.
  • Store those seldom used appliances that take up precious counter space.
  • Wipe down the counters.
  • Tidy up the top of the refrigerator (clear it if you can), and wipe down as necessary.
  • Sweep & mop, or at least spot clean the floor.
  • Set out fresh washcloth and hand towel for tomorrow.

If you have a helper, or two, or three, or more, like I do, by all means enlist their help! Make it a cooperative effort. Work together! Assign tasks. Create a cute chore chart to hang on the fridge. Play your favorite music in the kitchen during clean-up times. Set a timer and try to beat it. Try to get them excited about the challenge, and I can almost guarantee that you’ll be pleasantly surprised at how willing they are to pitch in!

If you’d like to join in, comment and let me know!

If you already rock the nightly clean kitchen, show some love to the rest of us, and comment with your best tip for getting the job done!

Image credit – nosha

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